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328 VULKAN-VERLAG GMBH Stand No: STANDSIZ Adres Address Heat Processing Friedrich Ebert Str. 55 45127 Ülke Country GERMANY Telefon Phone +49 2011820020 Faks Fax +49 201182002-40 E-posta E-Mail Web Sayfasę Web Site Temsilci Firma Local Agent Ürün Gruplarę Exhibit Groups 5.10 Heat processing is the technical journal in English for the entire field of industrial furnace and thermal plant systems and processes, as well as being the international forum for interchange of knowledge and experience between heatprocess industry suppliers and users. Editorial Concept With its four editions annually, heat processing provides comprehensive information, in full technical detail, on developments and solutions in thermal process engineering for industrial applications. Important topics examined include the design, construction, equipping and operation of industrial furnaces, kilns and heat-treatment installations, new process, control, instrumentation and automation technology for thermal process engineering, energy-saving and efficient energy management for thermal plants, materials and innovative applications, standards and codes of practice, etc. The central focus of each edition is provided by topical, practically orientated technical articles by expert authors. The content spectrum is rounded off with detailed background reporting on all international events of relevance for the industry, company and economic dispatches, people in the news, media developments, and special comprehensive product previews on events important for the industry. More information at: