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322 URJA PRODUCTS - INDIA Stand No: H10-F135 Adres Address Urja Products (P) Ltd, Survey 53 ,Inside Pirana Gate, Before Village Ode, Ahmedabad – 382 427 Ülke Country INDIA Telefon Phone +91 9825008383 +91 9327008383 Faks Fax +91 2718 297983 E-posta E-Mail Web Sayfasý Web Site Temsilci Firma Local Agent Ürün Gruplarý Exhibit Groups 2.6, 2.11, 2.27, 2.28 URJA PRODUCTS has been a name synonymous with Technical Textiles for last 40 years. Being one of the first and largest manufacturers of Fiberglass Fabrics in India, URJA has vertically integrated to manufacture various coated and laminated fabrics for demanding applications. Facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified and employee strength exceeds 150. They have in-house facilities for doubling & twisting of glass yarn, weaving, laminating, coating & heat processing of fiberglass fabrics and well equipped in-house Laboratory. They have their own cutting & stitching units and qualified inspection personnel at each stage. URJA is a well established source for FIBERGLASS FILTER FABRICS suitable for ?filtration of molten Aluminium?. When molten metal comes in contact with oxygen in air, oxides are created. This chemical reaction occurs at high temperatures particularly during melting, be it primary melting, foundry casting or recycling. These oxides must be removed before the metal is cast. This is the stage where fiberglass fabrics and articles made there from are used to give better casting results. The simplest form of application of our filter fabrics is as simple as usage of a tea- strainer. Fabric can be cut in any simple shape and can used to filter liquid metal. Evolved shapes stitched from glass fabrics like Combo bags, Channel Bags, Spout Socks, Funnels, Launder Socks are also used in large quantities. These articles help to reduce turbulence, filter the oxides as well as improve temperature distribution throughout the casting. With installation of new upgraded machineries at their new state of art facilities, URJA is now supplying PRE CUT PIECES of fiberglass of various size to meet demands of PISTON manufacturing companies. We can customized Glass fibre fabrics in any shape , size & stiffness. Urja is currently exports more than 5 million such pre-cut pieces annually. Urja manufactures Launder Insulating Lids/covers which are used to cover Launder systems when liquid metal is flowing through. Launder covers help control of heat emitted from molten metal and thus helping you make better metal.We can make any geometric shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, trapeziums, hexagons , triangles etc to suit customer‘s specific requirements. These covers are also used to cover Crucibles. Their products are supplied to major Aluminium CASTHOUSES, FOUNDRIES, SMELTERS, RE-MELTERS, DIE CASTING COMPANIES, AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY as well as PISTON MANUFACTURING COMPANIES. Having their business channels/Distributors in Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Middle East, Egypt, Russia, Canada, Brazil and USA , URJA is well connected to export to over 20 countries. Head Office in India can be reached directly on below contact details for any further information. Email : skype- urja4u Mobile +91 9825008383 (Mr.Anshul Nanavaty – Director)