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201 LUOYANG LONGDING ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Stand No: H11-A110 Adres Address Baisha Town, Yichuan Country, Luoyang Ülke Country CHINA Telefon Phone +86 0379 68315989 Faks Fax +86 0379 68315989 E-posta E-Mail Web Sayfası Web Site Temsilci Firma Local Agent Ürün Grupları Exhibit Groups 1, 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.14, 1.5, 1.5.5,,, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4 The project fully relies on and takes advantages of resource superiority by Yichuan Power Group and technology, talent, marketing network and equipment manufacturing by Ding Sheng Group, to achieve a powerful combination of complementary advantages, further elongated aluminum industrial chain in Yichuan. It is in line of Henan Provincial Aluminum development planning and national industrial policy, ranked as the provincial key project in Henan Province. Under the care of government and leadership at all levels, the project started on March 16,2010, and officially put into production on July 8,2011. At present, the investment in first stage has been completed over 3.2 billion(¥). The main workshops have finished to carry out a closed-loop production with plate, strip and foil. Cold rolling lines Our sheet and strip plant has 12 cold rolling mills, 5 slitting lines, 3 tension levelers, 26 sets of annealing furnaces, transverse shears and other finishing equipment. We can produce more than 20 types of products, including aluminum fin stock, PS substrate, embossed sheet, tread sheet, capacitor strip, PP cap, cable wrap, composite panels, foil stock and so on. We are capable of producing a range of aluminum products with thickness from 0.2mm to 4.0mm and width from 200mm to 1650mm. Coating lines The coating plant has 9 separators and 6 coating lines, among which 2 wide width coating lines can produce 1450mm width products. We plan to add 3 more lines later. We can produce organic/inorganic hydrophilic fin stock and blue, gold, and white hydrophilic fin stock with thickness range of 0.08mm to 0.2mm and width 60mm to 1440mm. Foil rolling lines Our foil plant has 6 foil mills equipped with flatness control system from Siemens(AFC) and gauge control system from the Thermo Fisher Scientific company of Germany. About 9 separators and 3 slitters for various applications, 1 coiling machine, 4 grinders, more than 31 annealing furnaces. The thickness range of our foil is from rigid container foil, household foil, beverage foil, label blister foil, foil tape, hot seal foil, tube foil, cigarette foil, flexible packing, capacitor foil and other twenty varieties. We have one short process hot rolled aluminum-strip production line, which is environment friendly and energy saving. This is firstly introduced into our country, which adopt the continuous casting and rolling production process, the productivity of this line is 250 , 000 tons of continuous casting and rolling aluminum strips. Its major equipment are Bricmont holding furnace, US Pyrotek online filter and degasser, US Hazelett caster and Italian Mino three stand tandem mill. Other apparatuses are chosen from domestic prestige large factory. The main production system adopts American Hazelette production technology. Compared with the normal 1+3(4) hot rolling process, this can economize energy greatly. Since there is no aluminum ingot remelting procedure, it can reduce the consumption of energy and metals, the metal yield can be increased by 6%, and the cost of per ton can be decreased by RMB 1000. And also the product is widely covered and its quality is very good. After the cold rolling, it can be used for making high quality foil, sheet for building application, aluminum-plastic composite panels, automotive parts, road sign, etc. Thus it can make extensive application and has very good market prospects.