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179 IRALCO IRANIAN ALUMINIUM CO. Stand No: H10-B170 Adres Address P.O.Box 31,Manabe Tabiee Blvd, Arak Ülke Country IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF Telefon Phone +98 86 321 62 080 Faks Fax +98 86 321 62 081 E-posta E-Mail Web Sayfasę Web Site Temsilci Firma Local Agent TURMET METAL Ürün Gruplarę Exhibit Groups 1.4.14, 1.4.15, 1.4.16 Iranian Aluminium Company (IRALCO), as the first producer of Aluminium in Iran, established in 1351 (1972) and located at 5th Km of Arak-Tehran road in the area of 232 hectares. IRALCO started his activities with two production lines with the capacity of 45,000 tones in year. 6 years later, he added three more lines to his production process, and these raised his capacity to the amount of 120,000 tones in year. With consider the environmental issues, IRALCO has been developed his plant, rebuilt and recovered his production lines regularly. Only the recovery of line 4 has been added 24,000 tones to the capacity of productions and the new line of Billet along with the old ones, raised the capacity of this product to the number of 50,000 tones in year. At the moment, the annual production capacity is about 175,000 tons, and all products are produced in accordance with the international standards and symmetrical to the world modern technology. The productions consisting of different pure Ingots of 50 and 1000 pounds in the shapes of T-bar, Casting Alloys, Billets with different size, Aluminum Sheet and Roll, Slab and … About 11000 fabrication plants and workshops with more than 250000 personnel are working in industries affiliated to aluminium. IRALCO is the member of London Metal Exchange 'L.M.E' and serve worldwide.