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140 EXTRUDE HONE GMBH Stand No: H10-E140 Adres Address Berghauser Str. 62, De - 42859 Remscheid, Ülke Country GERMANY Telefon Phone +49 2191 90025 Faks Fax +49 2191 90025 E-posta E-Mail Web Sayfası Web Site Temsilci Firma Local Agent BVA MÜMESSİLLİK Ürün Grupları Exhibit Groups 3, 3.1, 3.1.1, 3.2 Extrude Hone Extrude hone firması müGterilerine farklı yüzey iGlem çözümleri sunmaktadır. ECM - Electro chemical machining - elektrik akımı altında iGlem ? Çapak alma ? Kenar yuvarlama ? gekil verme AFM- Abrasive flow machining - basınç altında aGındırıcı macun ile yüzey iGlem ? Yüzey parlatma ( iç ve dıG yüzeyler ) ? Kenar yuvarlama ? Çapak alma TEM - Thermal deburring - Yakarak çapak alma ? Gç ve dıG çapaklar Extrude Hone Extrude hone® serves customers in many market segments, including automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, medical, and general engineering. From engineering to fully automated solutions, extrude hone supports its customers with edge blending, shaping and fine-flow tuning surfacing solutions through its engineered processes and state-of-the-art finishing technologies, delivering ultimate added value, and improving productivity and quality. Efficiency in fuel systems; friction, wear and noise reduction in transmission; turbine performance enhancement; surface stress relief; and extended life of components are only a few of the advantages delivered. Extrude Hone offers customers access to AFM (abrasive flow machining), ECM (electrochemical machining), ecm dynamic, pecm (precise electrochemical machining), and tem (thermal energy method) via our technical centers and center of excellence, ensuring our presence during all of the most critical feasibility tests and demonstrations – from the early design phases by producing small batches of components for prototyping through testing and supporting the ramping stage in our contract shops prior to the final delivery of state-of-the-art equipment. Our company offers first-class service around the world.